Council Watch Monthly Digest – March 2013

Environment Committee: Cancelled.

Transportation Committee (March 4): The hot topic of the month in the Transportation Committee was the Downtown Moves study, and Ecology Ottawa commends the Transportation Committee for approving the Downtown Moves study that generally aims to make Ottawa’s downtown streets friendlier towards cyclists, pedestrians and transit users. Despite this approval, however, it was discouraging to see that the implementation of the Downtown Moves study maybe in question as a result of the lack of support observed by some councillors on the Transportation Committee. Take a look here for more information on the discussions that ensued on March 4th.

Planning Committee (March 26): The Planning Committee meeting did not pass without controversy this month. In an epic meeting that lasted till midnight, city councillors were made to doubt if the City of Ottawa did in fact have enough employment lands to suffice until 2031. The decision on whether to freeze the urban boundary was postponed to April 9th for a more informed discussion with city staff during which councillors on the Planning Committee approved the city’s recommendation to freeze the urban boundary. Ecology Ottawa congratulates the Planning Committee on this positive decision to limit urban sprawl in Ottawa, which was further reinforced by full council on April 10th. Learn more about this issue here.

City Council (March 27): The Downtown Moves study was approved by full City Council.

Ecology Ottawa’s rating of City Councillors:

Downtown Moves study
City Councillor Rating
Counc. Peter Clark
Counc. Diane Deanes
Counc. Allan Hubley
Councillors on the Transportation Committee and full City Council*

*S. Moffat, R.Chiarelli, E.El-Chantiry, R. Bloess, D.Chernushenko, B. Monette, J.Harder, M.Wilkinson, M. Fleury, S.Qadri, P.Clark, K. Egli, K.Hobbs, D.Thompson, P.Hume, M.McRae, D. Deanes, T. Tierney, A. Hubley

Employment Lands
City Councillor Rating
Councillors on the Planning committee and full City Council* Thumbs-up

*S. Moffat, R. Chiarelli, E. El-Chantiry, R. Bloess, D. Chernushenko, M. Taylor, S. Desroches, B. Monette, J. Harder, M. Wilkinson. S. Qadri, P. Clark, K. Egli, D. Deanes, K. Hobbs, T. Tierney, P. Holmes, D. Thompson, A. Hubley, P. Hume, M. Mcrae

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